• Wooden Napoleon Chair
Wooden Napoleon Chair

Wooden Napoleon Chair

  • Wooden Napoleon Chair
  • Napoleon Chair
  • Wooden Chair
  • Wooden Napoleon Chair
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Stackable Wooden Chaise Napoleon Wedding  Chair
Model No. GLWN Wooden Napoleon Chair
Chair Height 90 cm Seat Height 43 cm
Chair Depth 47 cm Seat Width 39 cm
Chair Width 39 cm Seat Depth 39 cm
*Net Weight-4.50kg        *Gross Weight-5.00kg       *Material:Beech or Locust Wood
Container Loading Capacity:
Wooden Napoleon Chair
(with and without cushion both ok)
9 pcs/carton Carton Size: 233*41*62cm 20FT: 432 pcs
40FT: 900 pcs
10 pcs/carton Carton Size: 263*41*62cm 40HC: 1000 pcs

Our chair is more thicker and stronger than other supplier.owe to strictly control the size of raw materials.

100% wood chair frame is the most durable construction for longevity.

Come backed with 1 year guarantee on the chair structure.

Professionally made with a strong structure and proper finish to last years longer.

Seat cushion color available:White,Black,Ivory/Beige,Burgundy,Chocolate.

Best hardwood material:Robinia Pseudoacacia(Chinese Locust Tree)

Best Environment-friendly Green paint:Varnishes, Lacquer

Uniform Structure,Thick Metal Bracket

Consistent Quality and Prompt Delivery.

Packaging must be seaworthy and strong enough to stand rough handling.



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